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Booking Protect is a refund protection product offered to customers during the online booking process on your website. This optional product allows your guests to claim back a full refund on their stay through Booking Protect, should they be forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. The protection can only be taken out at the time of booking and is optional for your customer.

Setting it up

How it works

Once a SCRUMPY website is set up with Booking Protect, pricing and commission works as follows;

  • Booking protect is priced from 6.5%* depending on the booking total
  • The Property owner retains a 30% commission on the 6% or more fee

Please note booking protect can only be added to bookings with a value of less than £5,000

For example, if there is a booking of £1,000, Booking Protect would cost £65

Customer Booking pays £1,000 (booking) + £65 (6.5% booking Protect cost) = £1,065

Property Owner receives £1,000 (booking) + retains £19.50 from sale of refund protection (30% of £65 booking protect) = £1,019.50

*Cost of protection for your business is determined by Booking Protect after your account has been created


The cost of the Booking Protection is paid by the guest at the checkout via your SCRUMPY website.

On the 1st of each month, Booking Protect send out an invoice for 70% of the protection that has been taken out by your guests in the previous month.

You retain 30% of the Booking Protect fees as a commission.

For example, if in one month you sold £100 worth of Booking Protect, your invoice on the 1st of the following month would be for £70, leaving you with a commission of £30.

Change of mind:

If your guest has a change of mind and decides that they no longer want the protection, there is a 14-day cooling off period whereby their policy with Booking Protect can be cancelled. You can simply contact Booking Protect via phone or email, and they will cancel the policy.

Alternatively, you can cancel the protection through your own personal login to Booking Protects Back-Office system. 

As you take the payment for the protection from your guest, it is your responsibility to refund the cost back.

If you are cancelling the Booking Protect from a booking but the booking is not being cancelled we would suggest that once you have cancelled Booking Protect you recreate the entire booking as unfortunately even after the adjustment has also been removed the insurance will still show against the booking. Rest assured the guest will not be able to claim if you have cancelled it via Booking Protect.

Making a claim:

If the guest needs to make a claim for a refund on their holiday, they will need to contact Booking Protect directly and submit an online refund application via this link

All refund applications are reviewed and updated within 48 working hours.

Although SCRUMPY cannot have any involvement in the claim process, it is import that you the Property Owner/Agency are informed of the cancellation.

If the refund application is successful, the customer will receive immediate notification via email. Funds will then be sent to the nominated bank account and should appear within 7-10 days.

If the refund application is rejected, one of the refund handlers from Booking Protect will respond to the application and explain the reasons for it being unsuccessful.

Refund circumstances:

Booking Protect will refund the cost of the booking if the guest is unable to start the holiday on the commencement date due to:

  • Unexpected disruption of the public transport network you could not have reasonably known about before the date of travel to the holiday;
  • Injury, or illness happening to you or a member of your immediate family or any person(s) in the group due to attend the holiday with you;
  • Death happening to you at any time before the holiday or to a member of your immediate family 4 weeks or less before the holiday;
  • The mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en route of a private vehicle taking you to start the holiday;
  • Jury service which you were unaware of at the time of the booking;
  • Burglary or fire at your residence in the 48 hours immediately before the commencement date of the holiday that required the attendance of the emergency services;
  • You being summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness which you were unaware of at the time of booking;
  • You being a member of the armed forces and being posted overseas unexpectedly;
  • Adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police services or other Government agency have issued warnings not to travel. You must provide confirmation of relevant road closures from the Police or the relevant Government agency;
  • You being unexpectedly made compulsorily redundant

  • For refund circumstances due to COVID-19 take a look at the Booking Protect guidance here:

    You can see the Booking Protect Platform Guide here:

    Cancelled bookings

    If a guest has purchased a Booking Protect policy but cancels their booking with you, then you will need to contact Booking Protect to let them know the booking is no longer taking place via, make sure you quote your Website, Company Name and the Booking Number.

    Alternatively, you can create a username to access your account via the Booking Protect backend


    If you have any questions relating to the refund protection product, contact Booking Protect on:

     +44 (0) 113 831 3508

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