Property Content Pages

You have the ability to add Content pages against the properties on your website which will appear on the property page as menu items below the Property name. These can be used for example, if you would like to add additional information about the property or the history behind it.

How to add a Content Page

Log into your SCRUMPY admin and navigate to properties in the left hand menu. You will then need to select the property you would like to add the content page to. Within the property below the image you will see a 'Content' menu item.

Within here you will need to select 'Add new content'. You will need to fill in the Title and add your text within the content field and click 'Update Content'. This will now appear on the fronted of your website. To edit the content of this page or delete it you will just need to return to the content section within the property in your admin.

Property content pages are a great way of adding additional pages to your website which will in turn help to increase your search engine exposure.

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