Unavailable Dates

Unavailable dates can be used when the property isn't available and there can be no bookings made during this period. We often see this section being used when the property is being refurbished or the owner has booked the property out themselves. 

Adding Unavailable Dates 

Within SCRUMPY there are two ways in which you can block out dates to ensure end users can't book a stay online. 

Calendar View 

To add an unavailable date using the calendar view you will need to navigate to Properties > select the relevant property > within the sub menu of the Property navigate to the Prices & Availability section as displayed below: 

Once selected you will see your properties calendar > select the first day that is unavailable and then select the day before the property is unavailable > once the last day has been selected you will 'Mark range as unavailable' as displayed: 

Give the unavailable date a relevant reason and click the Create Unavailable Date button to save your changes. 

Manually Adding An Unavailable Date

To manually add an unavailable date navigate to the Properties section  > select the relevant property > within the sub menu of the Property select Prices & Availability > within here you will see a tab called Unavailable Dates

Click 'Add new Unavailable Period' > give the unavailable date a relevant reason > populate the date fields (the End Date is the night before the period ends) and click Create Unavailable Period to save your changes. 

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