Booking Terms and Conditions

Before a guest can place a booking, they are required to read and tick that they agree with your terms for staying at a property.

Whilst SCRUMPY offers various methods of Booking, such as letting the guest fill out an enquiry form on your website, responding to a Booking Offer that they have received, or simply by clicking on your website's calendar; they all require the customer to complete the checkout process and in turn, agree to your Terms & Conditions.

Adding a Properties Terms & Conditions

T's & C's are specific to each property profile you have on your SCRUMPY website. This way they can be tailored to each and include relevant information.

Once logged into your website, navigate to Properties select the relevant Property, navigate to the Edit section in the property menu, within the Configuration tab you will see Terms and Conditions.

Simply enter your conditions of letting in the text box marked as Terms and Conditions. You will notice that underneath is an optional text box for these to be visible before a booking - as a separate page underneath your properties. Here is an example

We have an example document here that you are welcome to take a look at.

Booking Management

As part of SCRUMPY's powerful booking engine, you have the ability to view when a guest has read their terms. This can be seen by navigating to Bookings from the main menu, then selecting a booking. The overview shows lots of usual information such as 'Terms Agreed

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