Adding a Video to a Property

Adding videos to your website is a great way to show all aspects of a given property or display a unique feature that is included, or offered in the local area. Videos can also be a very powerful marketing tool since they are much better at grabbing the user's attention than text. This can often be an effective way to convince customers to make a booking, as well as having some of their questions and queries answered immediately. 

Adding videos can be easily achieved on a Scrumpy website, following these steps. Firstly you will need to log into your admin and click on 'Properties' on the left-hand side. Then choose the desired property by clicking on the appropriate property image. Then choose 'Video' on the left-hand side, underneath the property image. Finally press 'Add Video' which will direct you to a page where you can add a URL to an externally hosted video on the likes of Vimeo or Youtube

Here is a visual representation of this process:

The video will appear under the 'Video' section and this is how the customer will see it: 

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