Managing Pricing with Seasons

We've made managing pricing easy and ultra flexible to accommodate a range of different pricing styles and situations. You can also manually create bookings from your Admin that don't fit your normal season structure.

Getting Started

There are two main concepts for pricing, seasons and stay types. Putting your pricing together is a process of defining the types of stay (e.g. a week and a weekend), then defining a season (January through to March) and inputting how much each type of stay will cost during that season.

Adding a Stay Type

Start by navigating to your Property within the admin system. Using the property menu navigate to the 'Prices and Availability' section, from here navigate into the 'Stay Types' tab.

The Stay Types page lists all the different types of stay you wish to provide, you can provide different types of stay for different seasons throughout the year.

Click the 'Add new Stay Type' button, you'll be taken to the form to define a new type of stay. You'll need to enter a title, length of stay and the changeover days this stay occurs on.

As an example, if we were providing a week stay, the guest arrives on the Monday, leaves on the following Monday, we'd enter the following:
Title: Week
Length (nights): 7
Changeover Days: Monday

Once you've defined the different types of stay you wish to provide you can start defining seasons. Seasons take the stay types and the pricing you enter to generate the combination of stays possible during any given timeframe.

Defining a Season

Businesses seem to all manage their pricing strategy in different ways, some have a different season every week, others have broad seasons with intermingled special offers. The seasons system in Scrumpy offers a great deal of flexibility to allow businesses to display their pricing as they wish.

To get started just navigate to the 'Seasons' tab of the 'Prices and Availability' section of your property. Click a start date and then click an end date, choose the 'Create a Season with Selected Dates' option.
You'll be taken to a form just confirming the start/end dates and that asks you for a label for the season, we'd recommend labelling your seasons to make your pricing easier to conceptualise, e.g. 'Spring 2016'. 

After you've finished filling in the fields just click the 'Create Season' button, you'll then be taken to the pricing form to define the new seasons pricing. See the 'Defining Prices with a Season' section below for details on this.

You can modify an existing seasons dates by either dragging/dropping the start/end dates of a season from the calendar view or by clicking on a season and clicking 'Modify Season'. This behaviour can be useful when you want to create a new season in-between two existing seasons and when you want to extend a seasons pricing if its working well.

Defining Prices within a Season

Once you've created a season you'll want to define its pricing. The basic idea is that you select the types of stay you can offer within a season and input the corresponding price for that stay.

You can modify an existing seasons pricing by clicking the season within the calendar and clicking 'Modify Pricing'.

To define a price just select the type of stay and then fill in the price, just click 'Finish' to add that price to the Season. You must click 'Set Pricing' to save these changes.

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