Making a Booking Offer

'Booking Offers' are a great way of quickly reserving dates for a customer at a pre-agreed price, this can be useful when negotiating a price over the phone or in person since it frees you from having to take all their details and pushes them into agreeing to your terms before booking.

When you 'offer' a booking to a customer they'll receive an email that contains a link, if the user clicks the link they'll be taken to your booking form on your website where they'll be able to enter the rest of their details, confirm their booking and make payments.

How to make a Booking Offer

Just navigate to the Bookings section of your admin and click the 'Add Booking' button in the top right. 

You'll want to change from 'Create a booking' to 'Make a booking offer', then all you need to do is select the property and enter the dates, value, name and email of the customer. 

You can optionally place the booking 'on hold until' a specific date, this can be important since without a date this period of time will be reserved indefinitely. By inputting an 'on hold until' date you'll ensure the booking is cancelled automatically if the customer hasn't responded to your offer by said date.

After inputting these basic details just click the 'Send Booking Offer' button in the bottom right. The customer will receive an email stating the essential facts about the booking, the email will contain a button that says 'Make Booking', the customer must click this and fill in the booking form to confirm their booking.

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