Adding Content Pages to your Site

Sometimes an 'About Us' page isn't enough content for your website. You can add 'Content Pages' to your site to add these extra details, common uses include:

  • Write up about the local area and it's history
  • History about the Property 
  • Local Activities, Events and attractions in the area 

Content Pages are completely under your control meaning you can add images, styles and more to help add additional information to your listing.

Adding a Content Page to your Site

Firstly you'll want to login to your admin, from here go to the 'Site Content' section. Once in the 'Site Content' section just click the 'Add Content' button.

You'll be asked for a title, URL and the content itself. The 'Title' should be short and descriptive, its what will appear on your property page in the menu on your listing. 

The 'URL' field allows you to specify what we call a 'friendly URL', this is effectively a search engine friendly version of your title, so if your page is called 'Amenities' then you'll just want your URL to be 'amenities'. 

The 'Content' field is where you can add the extra information, remember you can include images, tables, links and more to help add those extra details to your Site.

When your finished just click the 'Create Content' button at the bottom of the page. To take a look at the end result you can copy the URL generated and paste it in to your browser. To add this new content page to your site you can either create a key word and link it to the content page using the generated URL or creating a new menu item.

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