How to Create and Send Email Broadcasts

Broadcasts are a great way to send emails to large audiences. SCRUMPY allows you to send broadcasts straight from your admin to your current subscribers. 

To start creating your broadcast you will need to navigate to your admin - you will see 'Broadcasts' located under 'Site Content'

Importing Subscribers

As you can see from the screenshot above SCRUMPY allows you to add, import and remove subscribers giving you the ability to create your own target audience. 

The 'Add Subscriber' requires you to fill out the subscribers forename, surname and email address. 'Import Subscribers' allows you to import a long list of addresses. You need to ensure that the email addresses are comma separated and in the standard "name <email>" format. E.g.  Joe Bloggs <>. Alternatively you can upload a CSV file with column headings of 'Forename', 'Surname' and 'Email', or just 'Name' and 'Email.

To view all of your current subscribers select 'View Subscribers' - Please note, the current list of subscribers will include all guests that have been associated with a booking and anyone that has subscribed to your mailing list through the enquiries page, unless they have specified otherwise. 

Now you have your subscribers list you can start creating a new broadcast to send. To create a new broadcast click the 'Add Broadcast' button located in the top right of your screen. 

Subject should contain what the broadcast is about for e.g. Late Cancellation - Special Offer. The 'Content' field is where you can add the extra information, you can include images, tables, links and more to help add those extra details to your Broadcast. 

We advise including a header or footer as displayed above with your companies logo or familiar colours so your subscribers can identify your self catering business. 

Alternatively you can use one of our broadcast templates, take a look at our help article for more information:

You can restrict who receives the broadcast within the subscription list you had previously created. If you only want the broadcast to be sent to subscribers that have stayed in a specific property you can restrict this by selecting the 'Restrict to guests who've stayed in' drop down and choosing a property. The next option is restricting guests depending on the dates they stayed (before and after) at the property. Leaving these dates blank will apply to all bookings made.

Once you have created your broadcast and you have your desired subscribers list you can begin to send your broadcast! Once you have selected Create Broadcast you will notice that your new broadcast appears. You can preview this before it goes out to your subscribers - select preview and a copy will be sent to your email. 

Once you are happy with the broadcast click send - you will notice the amount sent will increase as the broadcast goes out. 

Congratulations you have successfully sent your first Broadcast! 

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