Channel Spend and Report

Channel Spend

Channel spend is a great way to record all of your current annual spend against channels you are currently using. This helps you calculate the 'cost per conversion'. These figures are then displayed within the Channel Spend Report. This is a great way for you to review the different channels you are using and to compare those that are converting visits into bookings. 

To fill in your current annual spend within your admin navigate to 'Site Settings' - you will see 'Channel Spend'. As you can see there are many channels available for you to enter in your annual spend. 

To enter in your annual spend for a particular channel, enter in an amount and select update spend as displayed below. 

Once you have finished entering in all of your channel expenses navigate to the 'Reports' section within your admin. 

Channel Report

Now you are within the reports section you will see 'Channel Report' - open this report to view your visits, conversions and costs.

As you can see from the screenshot above Google's conversion value is £360 but we have had 53 visits come through from Google with one booking being placed. From these results you can calculate your current conversion costs against the number of bookings that have been converted from each channel. 

This report helps you compare the different channels according to the number of visits coming through from that source. This allows you to view the most popular channel by looking at the number of visits in relation to the number of bookings generated from that channel. This way you know what channels are working best for you and your property/properties. 

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