How to setup Booking Protect - Refund Protection

Our integration with 'Booking Protect' means you can offer your customers Refund Protection for their bookings. 

  • Your customers get Refund Protection
  • You'll receive commission on the sales of the Refund Protection

You can find Booking Protect's information pack and learn more about their product here.

How to setup your account

To get started just login to your Admin system, go to 'Site Settings' and then navigate to the 'Booking Protect' section. From here just click 'Sign Up to Booking Protect', this information will be sent to staff at Booking Protect. 

After staff at Booking Protect have setup your account you'll be given a 'Vendor ID' and an 'API Key'. To finish setting up your account login to your admin system and navigate to the 'Site Settings', 'Booking Protect' section. You'll need to copy/paste your Vendor ID and API Key into the fields in the 'Complete the setup' section and press the 'Finish Setup' button.

Using Booking Protect

In practice using Booking Protect is a case of just hooking in your Vendor ID and API Key, that's it! Customers will be offered Refund Protection as part of the checkout process, they'll have the ability to opt in or out of the protection. If a customer opts in for the protection an adjustment will be added to their booking to cover the cost of the Refund Protection product.

Confirmation of the Refund Protection, its terms & conditions and instructions on how to apply for a refund will be included in the Booking Confirmation email sent to the customer. You will have the option of including the Refund Protection notice on cancellation emails as a courtesy if the customer took out Refund Protection at the time of booking.

Questions about Booking Protect

Questions about the Refund Protection that Booking Protect offer, how customers can make claims and the terms & conditions that apply to your relationship with Booking Protect should be directed at Booking Protect. You can get in contact with them here.

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