Creating Special Offers

Special Offers are a great way of filling dates that you need to clear. You may want to create a special offer to clear late availability due to a cancellation or just offer an incentive to book the Summer Holidays with your business.

Remember that if your intention is just to an offer an individual customer a specific price you should use the 'Booking Offer' system to offer them the specific stay at a special price. The 'Special Offers' are intended for advertising a date at a new price and allowing customers to book at this special price.

Creating a Special Offer

Firstly you'll want to login to your Admin and the property you wish to create a booking at. You can find your Properties by clicking 'Properties' in the menu, then just click the Property you want to create a special offer at.

Once your on your Property just navigate to the 'Prices & Availability' section, in here you'll see a calendar showing your upcoming bookings, available stays and unavailable dates. Available dates in your Calendar are indicated by bold dates that are underlined.

You create a special offer on a 'Stay' by clicking on the underline date, you'll see a popover with a number of options, you'll see 'Create a Special Offer for the' for each Stay that starts on that date. Click "Create a Special Offer for the" on the stay you'd like to override the price for.

You'll be taken to a form that asks you to give the Special Offer a name, description and a price. You may wish to name the Special Offer if it falls upon a seasonal event, e.g. "Summer Bank Holiday 20% Offer". You can give the Special Offer a description, this could include details of what makes up the Special Offer, e.g. you may be offering a Special Offer for the Christmas Week so you could write about what will be included in the customers booking.

After confirming the details of your Special Offer and setting its Price just click "Create Special Offer". Your new Special Offer will be displayed on your properties calendar as a red highlighted date. Customers on your website will see this highlighted date, they'll also be able to browse all the Special Offers on your website and at the specific property they are browsing.

Where do Special Offers show on my website?

Special Offers can show up in a couple of places around your website:

  • Your properties calendar
  • A special offers page specific to your property
  • A special offers page all the properties on your website
  • Availability Searches: Special Offers will be highlighted in the list of available stays

Removing a Special Offer

If you, for any reason, need to remove a special offer you have added you will need to navigate to the 'Prices & Availability' section within the Properties sections. Once selected you will see 5 tabs, select Special Offers as displayed below: 

Click the Delete button to remove the special offer. 

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