Chargeable Extras

Many property owners offer various optional extras with stays at their property. This can be anything from local produce to luxury spa hampers. Chargeable extras allow you to offer extras to guests, guests can choose to add on any of these extras at any point until their stay. The value of the extras they’ve chosen gets added to the guests booking as an adjustment for them to make payments towards.

Guests are prompted to look at the extras they could add to their booking after successfully placing a booking. Reminders are also automatically sent to Guests to look at the extras that they could enhance their booking with. The reminder emails contain a link that brings the Guest directly into a shop where they can browse and order extras for their booking.

Currently Chargeable Extras cannot be selectively provided at individual properties, rather they are provided to all properties that you take bookings for. In the near future you will be able to select individual properties that an Extra can be provided at.

Adding a Chargeable Extra

Navigate to the 'Chargeable Extras' section, you can get to the 'Chargeable Extras' section by clicking 'Site Content' and then clicking 'Chargeable Extras'.

From here just click the 'Add Extra' button in the top right. You'll be taken to the new chargeable extra form, here you just need to define the basic details of your chargeable extra:

  • Name - The name of the extra
  • Category - You can choose to categorise your extras should you feel that you have enough to warrant the need to organise them
  • Primary Image - An image of the extra
  • Description - Here you can enter a description of the extra
  • Price - Enter the price, if you leave the price field blank then the price will be advertised as 'Price on Application'
  • Price is Inc VAT
  • Featured - Extras marked as 'Featured' will be pulled out in emails and on the Extras pages of your site

Thats it, your extra is created! You may want to upload more images of your product to help sell it or offer multiple variants of the product, you can find information on this below.

Offering Variations of an Extra

It can be useful to group similar extras under one extra and offer variants. This might be the case for a 'BBQ Meat Platter' where you might offer variants for a platter big enough for 2 people, 4 people and 8 people. In this instance you'd want to create a Chargeable Extra called 'BBQ Meat Platter' and then create 3 variants.

Creating Variants is simple, first just create your extra with the 'Primary' variant first, e.g. for our example we'd create an extra called 'BBQ Meat Platter for 2'. With your extra created we then navigate to the 'Variations' section, from here you can click 'Add a new Variant' and supply the details of each variation of the extra.

Uploading Multiple Images of an Extra

You can upload multiple images to represent an Extra. Just navigate to the 'Images' section and click the 'New Image' button, find the image of the extra and click 'Create Image'. Caption your images to help describe the extra effectively.

Maximum Quantity / Cut Off Dates / Items that must be Confirmed

You can modify some advanced settings about your extra to achieve a limit on the maximum quantity of the item that can be ordered, a cut off date at which the item won't be available to purchase at and to indicate whether an item must be confirmed.

The advanced settings can be found within the 'Variants' section, just click 'Edit' alongside any variation to change these settings.

Attaching an Extra to a Booking

Customers have the ability to purchase extras for their booking at any point prior to the booking itself. You can also manually add extras to their booking, for example they may have asked on the phone for a 'Luxury Hamper' to be delivered to the property prior to their arrival.

To manually add an Extra to a booking navigate to a Booking and go to the 'Extras' section. From here click the 'Add new Extra' button, you'll then be able to select a product, a quantity and the price to add to their booking value, just click 'Create Chargeable Extra' to confirm the addition of the extra.

Viewing the Extras on a Booking

You'll be alerted via email when Guests purchase Extras for their booking, this helps to keep you informed about an Extras you may need to organise or order in prior to the Guest arriving.

Bookings that have ordered Extras are indicated by a tag product label/tag icon in your bookings list. Scanning down your Immediate Arrivals working list for bookings with the icon can be an effective way of staying on top of Extras that need to be organising in advance of a guests stay.

You can view the individual details on the quantity ordered, price paid, etc from within the Booking details. Click on any booking within a list and go to the 'Extras' section to view the Extras that have been ordered against a booking.

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