Creating a Booking

Making a booking in Scrumpy is easy, its just like filling out a traditional booking form, think of it as jotting down details in a diary!

You can take bookings online by inputting stay types and seasons, guests can click on available stays and book these online.

For customers who aren't booking online (e.g. your taking the booking over the phone, they'd like to book dates out of your usual pattern, etc) you can manually create a booking from your Admin.

First we need to navigate to the 'Bookings' section of your Admin system. Using the menu on the left click on 'Bookings'.
Next we click 'Add Booking' in the top right corner of the screen.
We'll be taken to the 'Add New Booking' form, from here we can fill in the basic details about this booking
After filling in the details we're given the choice to either 'Create' the booking or 'Create and Email'. If you have payments to log against the booking, pets to add or adjustments to make we'd recommend just choosing 'Create', making your changes and then triggering an email to the customer once your finished. If the booking looks correct now you can just click 'Create and Email' to create the booking and send a confirmation to the customer.

With our booking created the customer can login and make payments (if you have payments enabled), pay their security deposit and more. Any adjustments you make to the booking can be emailed through to the customer to keep them in the loop.

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