Destination Pages

Destination Pages

In order to improve search engine exposure for your website you can supply your own content to describe the area around your property. For example, in order to increase your search visibility for terms such as ‘Holiday properties in Somerset’. You could create a destination page for Somerset. The content that you write and the images that you supply all go into the creation of a unique landing page that helps to generate improved search engine exposure for your website.

Creating a Holiday Destination

If you go to ‘Destinations’ under ‘Site Content’ you will see there are already a list of destinations according to your properties location.

You can click on a destination and click edit and add as much content as you like about this place. You can also click the ‘images’ button to add images of the destination. We would highly recommend writing unique content as opposed to copying it from other sites as this will be more beneficial in terms of search positioning. Your property/properties in this location will then appear on this page below the content you have written.

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