Holiday Ideas

Holiday Ideas

In order to improve discoverability in search engines you can put together Holiday Ideas to group together properties by features, availability and more. Examples of Holiday Ideas could include; beach holidays, romantic holidays, walking holidays etc. Holiday Ideas come together as pages on the front-end of your website that list out the properties that they target alongside the content and images you provide. Holiday ideas are a powerful tool in generating unique landing pages to help improve search engine exposure for your website.

How to Create a Holiday Idea

In your SCRUMPY admin go to ‘Site Content’ - ‘Holiday Ideas’ then select ‘Add Idea’. Here you will be able to add content and images for the ‘Holiday Idea’. Below the content area you will see a criteria section. This is where you select the criteria for what makes a property suitable for your Holiday Idea.

In terms of criteria for ‘Beach Holidays’ we would tick the beach check box to display all properties near a beach. Below this you will also see a list of your properties so if you prefer you can manually select which properties appear. You can then link to these Holiday Ideas from anywhere on your website and you can make as many Holiday Ideas as you see relevant. This will expand your website and help to improve discoverability in search engines.

Once you have added your holiday idea you will need to add at least three images. You can do this by clicking on the Images tab. 

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