Logging a Payment

Its important to keep track of payments for your bookings to be able to accurately keep a record of who owes you money and who's all paid up. Its easy within Scrumpy to keep track of payments towards your bookings.

Online payments will automatically record themselves against a booking, offline payments such as those taken over the phone, cheque or BACS payments need to be manually logged.

Getting into a logging payments as they come in via cheque and over the phone, plus regularly checking your bank account for BACS payments is a good idea. Logging payments frequently will help keep customers in the loop as it creates receipts that are emailed to them, confirming the receipt of their hard earned money and giving them an update on the financial situation of their booking.

How to Log a Payment

To get started we need to find the booking you've received a payment for. You can search for a booking via the search bar on the left. You can search by reference, postcode or name. Alternatively you could find your booking in the 'Bookings' section.

Once you've found your booking we need to go to the 'Financials' section of the booking using the booking menu. Then just click the 'Manage Payments' button at the bottom of the Payments/Adjustments table. On the payments page just click 'Add new Payment'.

You'll be asked to input the payment method, how much the customer paid, a reference and the billing details, we'll automatically pre-fill the lead bookers details here but its important to correctly input the details of the person who paid the money for invoicing/accounting purposes. Once complete just click 'Create Payment', the system will automatically generate an email receipt acknowledging the payment and giving an overview of the financial status of the customers booking.

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