Adding Gallery Images

Adding Images To Your Properties Gallery

When advertising your holiday property we think it is essential that you upload as many images as you can within your gallery. We would advise that you include shots of both the interior and exterior giving your customers the opportunity to see as much of your property as possible so they know exactly what to expect when they arrive. 

Navigate to the Property within your admin, within here you will see a 'Gallery' section as displayed below: 

To add a new image to your gallery you will need to click on the blank placeholder with the caption of 'New Image'. Once you have selected this you will be able to upload multiple images that are available on the device you're currently using - make sure you give your image a sensible caption name and click the 'Create image' button located underneath the upload. 

If you want your image to be enhanced ensure that the 'Enhance' checkbox is enabled this feature automatically enhances the colours, sharpness and other aspects of the image. 

If you are unsure on what images to use when advertising your holiday property please see the following link:

Reordering Gallery Images

You can reorder the images in your gallery by simply clicking and dragging the images into the order you would like them in. We would suggest you work through the property in a logical order ie you wouldn't start with the ensuite bathroom. These will them automatically update the order that displays on the front end.

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