Creating Blog Articles

How to Create and Send Blog Articles

Blog Articles are a great way to advertise and market your holiday property/properties. SCRUMPY allows you to post to your blog straight from your admin - if you have social media accounts such as Facebook & Twitter attached your blog article once published will post automatically to them. If you are not sure on how you connect your social media accounts please see our user guide:

Creating a Blog Article

Navigate to Site Content, once selected you will see a blog articles section.

Click the 'Add Article' button located within the top right of your screen. Within here you will need to assign the article with a relevant title, if your article dates back to a few weeks ago you can change the Published at date to reflect this. The blurb should be a short summary on what the Article is about - this will be displayed underneath the title. 

Within the content area you can add as much information as you like - if you're unsure on how you use content areas within SCRUMPY please see the following link:

We would advise that you add a Banner image - we recommend that the size of the image uploaded is 1300px by 380px, they will be automatically centre cropped. If you're posting this article to Facebook we would highly recommend that you upload a Facebook banner image - the size of the banner image uploaded should be 1200px by 630px. 

You also have the option to send an email to all of your current subscribers about your blog article, enable the checkbox if you want to send your article via email. 

We would highly recommend previewing this article before posting it. Once you have clicked the preview button you will be able to see your blog article on the frontend of your website. Click the 'Back to Admin' button. If you're happy with your Blog Article you can then click the 'Update + Publish Article'. 

Now that you have written your first Blog Article you will see an 'Our Blog' section within your footer. 

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