Cancellation Management

Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to cancel bookings either automatically or manually. Bookings that are automatically cancelled via the system are booking offers that have gone past their 'On Hold Until Date'. 

Manually Cancelling A Booking

To manually cancel a booking within SCRUMPY you will need to navigate to the Booking in question via the search or via Bookings from the main menu. Once you have found the relevant booking, you can either select the Quick Actions button in the top right corner and then Cancel Booking, or navigate to the Details/Edit section, scroll to the bottom and click the red Cancel button. 

You will then be able to add Cancellation notes to record any reasoning - this is for internal use only and not visible to your guests. 

When you cancel a booking via your SCRUMPY system the guest will not be refunded any money automatically. You will need to handle this externally. You will be asked by the system to enter the amount refunded but this is for your records only and will not mean the guest will receive their money back.

If you are cancelling a booking whereby you are refunding the Security Deposit we would advise doing this before cancelling it so you can keep record of it on the system.

Viewing Cancelled Bookings

Within SCRUMPY you have two cancellation working lists accessible from the Bookings main menu on the left hand side of your admin.

Cancellations - This allows you to view all cancelled bookings with money paid towards them that have either been manually cancelled or automatically cancelled because they went past their 'on hold until' date. 

All Cancellations - This is all bookings that have been cancelled either automatically or manually.

Top Tip: As a general part of housekeeping, we recommend that you check through All Cancellations periodically to make sure that refunds have been actioned where necessary, notes have been recorded if relevant and that everything tallies up.

Replacing Cancelled Bookings

There may be a scenario where a guest wants to move the dates of their booking slightly. If you need to cancel a booking, but the guest wants to still stay, but for different dates, you can add a replacement booking for a previously cancelled booking if the dates overlap. 

Once the booking has been created and the dates for the booking overlap / match the cancelled booking you will need to navigate to the Details/Edit section within your admin. 

You will be able to see 'Replaces cancelled booking' within here, as displayed above. Providing the dates match you will be able to select the cancelled booking that the new booking replaces. 

Once you have replaced the new booking with the cancelled booking you will be able to view this information within the overview of the new booking and refer back to the cancelled booking if needed as displayed below: 

Rebooking a cancellation

Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to add a replacement booking for a previously cancelled booking if the dates overlap.

Select the booking you want to cancel and click 'View Details' as displayed below: 

Once you have clicked the View Details button you will be able to see the cancellation details (if there are any) - click the Uncancel button to uncancel the booking as displayed below: 

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