Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to upload floorplans against your property. This is a great way to advertise your property to potential guests as they will be able to view the overall layout of the property. 

Uploading Floorplans to SCRUMPY

To upload your floorplans to SCRUMPY you will need to navigate to the Property within your admin. Within here you will see a Floorplans section as displayed below:

Click on the Floorplans section - you will see a blank placeholder with the caption of 'New Floorplan' click the blank placeholder. 

Upload your floorplan image and give it a suitable name e.g. Ground Floor and click 'Create Floorplan'. 

Viewing Your Floorplans on the Frontend

Now that you have assigned the floorplans to your property you will be able to view these on the frontend within the property section.

Once you have navigated to the property page on the frontend of the website you will see a Floor Plans section as displayed below:  

Guests will now be able to click on and view the uploaded floorplans. 

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