Things To Do

Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to add local 'things to do' to your website. This provides your guests with a list of local attractions, places to eat etc. with directions and a link to the website (if there is one). 

Adding Things To Do

To add links to your website navigate to Site Content - once selected you will see Links as displayed below: 

Once selected you will will see an 'Add Category' button located within the top right of screen. Name your category e.g. Places to Visit, assign your category an image and click 'Create Category' as shown below:

Now that you have created your category you will be able to add your recommended 'Places To Visit' 

Click the View Category button as displayed below:  Once selected you will be able to add your links to the new category. Fill in the relevant fields and click 'Create Link' you can assign an image to your recommendation. 

Now that you have added a new link to your website you will need to enable it against the property. To do this you will need to navigate to the Properties section > select the relevant property within your admin and click on the 'Links' section as displayed below: 

Once you have navigated to the links section you will be able to see the links that you have just. To display them on the frontend you will need to enable them by checking the checkbox as displayed below: 

Viewing 'Things to do' On Your Website

Once the link has been enabled against the property you will be able to view this on the frontend of your website. If you navigate to the Property on your website you will see a 'Things To Do' section.  

Guests will be able to, view your recommendation, get directions or visit the website to find out more information. 

The end user will be able to select the categories listed within this section. Once selected a larger image will be displayed alongside the 'links' that have been added to the category both within the content and the interactive map.  

The pointers within the map can be selected which will display the link information at the top of the page with the name of the link within the interactive map as demonstrated below: 

When selecting a pointer on the map, it highlights what has been selected by displaying a small window with the link information and greying out the alternatives within this category. 

The grey pointer within here demonstrates the properties location so you can view where the 'Places To Visit' are in relation to it. 

Please note - The Things To Do page will only display on your websites front end if the Links are ticked against a Property Profile and that Property is fully populated, and marked as Visible.
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