Bedroom Configurations

Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to assign configurations to individual rooms. Guests staying at the property can then configure the bedrooms to suit them within their customer portal. If you haven't yet added rooms to you property please see the following link:

Adding Configurations

To add room configurations navigate to the Property - within the property section you will see 'Rooms'. Click the 'Edit room' button next to the room you want to add configurations to and select the Configuration tab as displayed below:

Click the 'Add new Configuration' button to add your configuration options for you room e.g. Twin. Once you have added all of your possible configurations your guests will be able to choose how they would like their rooms made up via their customer portal. If they haven't provided you with their configurations they will receive an email reminding them to do so. 

Manually Confirming Bedroom Configurations

If your guests haven't yet received their check in details this could be due to a number of reasons but we find that the most common reason why is because they haven't provided their configurations. To manually set the configurations within your admin against a booking you will need to navigate to the booking itself or type in the search bar the booking number / lead bookers name. Within the booking overview you will see a configuration section as displayed below:

As you can see from the screenshot above the guest has not yet provided the owner with their configuration details. Click the view configuration button - if you know the configurations for the booking you can manually enter these in. If the guest hasn't provided you with this information you can simply click the Update Configuration button. 

Re-sending Configuration Emails

If you need to resend the guest the bedroom configuration email you can do this by navigating to the Emails/Activity section against the booking as displayed below: 

Once you have selected this you will be able to see a list of sent emails regarding Reminders/Check-In information. Within this list you will see 'Configuration Reminder Last Sent' as displayed below:

To resend the configuration email click the 'Send Configuration Reminder' button.  

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