Room Management

Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to add rooms to your property. This is a great way to show off individual rooms within the property - if you have a floorplan uploaded this will appear within the Floor Plans section. If you're unsure on how you add your floorplan to your property please see the following link:

Once you have added Rooms, you can also add Equipment and assign the likes of a Travel Cot to a specific room

Adding Rooms To Your Property

To add rooms to your property you will need to navigate to the Properties section within your admin. Select the relevant property and navigate to the rooms sections as displayed below: 

To add a new room you will need to click the 'Add new Room' button. 

Fill in the relevant information about the room you're adding - if you have a video you can add the Video's URL. Now that you have added your room you can go back in and assign images to it. If you want to assign configurations to your rooms please see the following link:

Click 'Edit Room' within here you will see an 'Images' tab. You will be able to select multiple images from your gallery and assign them to your rooms. If you don't know how to add gallery images, please see the following link:

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