Property Sharing

Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to share your property on to another SCRUMPY site. If you have multiple SCRUMPY websites you have the ability to share these properties between these free of charge. 

Your property is automatically shared on to our listing website when your website 'goes live'. 

To check that your property has been shared to Shortbreaks you will need to go to: Site Settings - Property Sharing as shown below: 

You will be able to view all sites that your property has been shared with. 

Edit Sharing Permissions

To edit the permissions of a sharing slip that currently exists on SCRUMPY you will need to click the 'Edit' button located next to the sharing slip as displayed below: 

Once you have clicked the Edit button you will be able to view the sharing permissions associated with the slip. The handler should be set to the website you want enquiries to go to - changing these permissions will then require the sharing website to review and accept these changes. 

Sharing your property with another SCRUMPY site 

To send an invite to another SCRUMPY site you will need to click on the Send Invite button located within the top right of your screen as displayed below: 

Once clicked you will need to enter the address of the website you wish to share it to - click continue. You now have the ability to select the properties you wish to share on to the site by clicking the images as displayed below:

Once you have selected the properties you would like to share click continue. You will now be able to set the relevant permissions and send your invite across to the other site. 

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