Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential way to help you and your customers. By both collecting and publishing feedback you will:

  • Help you better understand your customers needs
  • Give a way for your customers to provide information about their stay
  • Make past guests understand that you care about their comments or concerns
  • Give future guests confidence that they can trust you
  • Help potential customers make informed decisions about their booking

Collecting Feedback

At SCRUMPY we understand just how important customer feedback is and we are constantly improving our feedback systems. After a guest's visit, SCRUMPY will send out an automatic feedback request that looks like this:

We store any customer's feedback in the system and you can view this information via the Feedback Report.

From here you will be able to see all historical feedback from all your previous guests. We collect information about their stay, recommendations for days out or places to eat and any comments they would like to offer. It is important to remember that NONE of this information is automatically published in any way, it is simply an information gathering procedure.

If you have enabled the TripAdvisor extension for any of your properties we will also ask the guest if they would be willing to provide a TripAdvisor review. These reviews are then submitted to trip advisor for publishing.

Publishing Guest Feedback

There are three ways to publish guest feedback.

  • TripAdvisor Reviews
  • Self Published Testimonials
  • Guest Comments Within Content.

Publishing TripAdvisor Reviews.

If you have enabled the TripAdvisor extension, guest reviews will be visible on your property overview pages and look like this:

TripAdvisor reviews are a great way of helping potential guests make a decision to book as these reviews are almost always seen as genuine and impartial. However you will have to learn to take the rough with the smooth as TripAdvisor does not allow you to edit guest comments before publishing. You do, however, have a right to reply to any comments you deem unfair or inaccurate.

Self Published Testimonials

Self published guests testimonials appear on the property pages below the main property navigation on the property overview page. They look like this:

When adding guest comments to a property remember to keep the text punchy and concise. These should be seen as headlines to help reinforce your overall property content. Try not publish the entire five pages that the customer wrote, no matter how proud it made you feel in the first place - your potential guests probably aren't as interested as you think they are. They want reassurance and a sense they this is the property for them.

The main advantage of self published testimonials is that you have total control of what you say, so you can just choose the best parts to publish. However this is also its downfall as savvy guests also realise that you would never publish a complaint or negative comment.

Both these types of reviews are controlled at a property level. You can access their controls from the admin menu for each property under the link "Ratings and Awards"

From here you can add, edit or delete guest testimonials or link in your TripAdvisor page.

Guest Comments Within Content.

Another method of publishing guest comment is simply from within the content on you website. This can be done practically anywhere on the site including:

  • On the details of a property
  • On the site homepage
  • On a dedicated property content page (e.g. Cider Press Cottage Feedback)
  • On a dedicated site-wide content page (e.g. Feedback - What our guests say)

As with self published testimonials the content of these and what you choose to say, is completely up to you. 

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