Property Banner Images

Property Banner Images appear at the top of your website for any Property related pages, such as the Overview, Calendar, Gallery and Things To Do etc. If you haven't specifically uploaded any Banner Images, then your site will automatically choose images from your Gallery at random.

We recommend that you add large landscape images that are of good quality

We would suggest choosing a few striking images that you think really sell your property. You don't have to upload banner images but just keep in mind if you don't the system will automatically take pictures from your gallery which could include shots that aren't the right dimensions or for example could include pictures of the bathroom or utility room.  

How To Add A Property Banner

To add a banner image to your property go to Properties > Select a Property > Banners > New Banner. You can then select the banner from your computer to upload.

Please be mindful of the dimensions that the banner image will display on the frontend. You may need to crop the image first. Here is a link to our article on the banner dimensions for the different themes:

To delete a banner you simply need to click on the image with the banner section and click ' Delete Banner'

For help on other banners across your website take a look at our article on Site Banners.

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