Within SCRUMPY you have the ability to add extras that are included when guests stay at your property. 

Adding Extras to your Site

To add extras to your website you will need to navigate to Site Content, once selected you will see Extras. To start adding extras to your website you will need to add a category. 

Click the 'Add Category' button located within the top right of your screen and create your category, e.g. Pampering. Once you have added your new category you will see it within the Extras screen. To add  your extras to the category you will need to click on the 'View Category' button as displayed below: 

You will then be able to add your extras against the new category you have just created. If you charge extra for the extras you provide you may want to add this as a chargeable extra, please see the following link: http://help.scrumpy.co.uk/article/49-chargeable-extras

Making Extras Visible on your Website

Now that you have added your extras you will need to enable them against the property that they apply to. Navigate to the property within your admin. Once you have selected the property you will see an Extras section as displayed below: 

Select extras and you will be able to see the new extras you have added - enable the checkbox for it to display on the frontend. 

Viewing 'Extras' On Your Website

Once the link has been enabled against the property you will be able to view this on the frontend of your website. If you navigate to the Property on your website you will see an 'Extras' section:  

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