Adding a new Client and Property as an Agency

Adding a new property is a 2 part process for Agency websites

1. Agency - Adding A New Client

Before creating the owner's Property you will need to add the client first. Navigate to the Agency Dashboard within your admin. Within here you will see an 'Add Client' button located within the top right. Clicking this will open up the following screen: 

You will next need to fill in the owner's details, working through the Basics, Address, Legal & Login tabs, and click 'Create Client' to finish. You should now be able to see the new client within your Agency Dashboard. Now you have created the client you can now add a new property and assign it to the owner. 

IMPORTANT - If you skip the first step and do not add an Owner, before creating the property, Agency functionality such as Commission splits, Housekeepers & Reports will not work!

2. Agency - Adding A Property 

If the owner / client already has a property on your website you won't need to add a new owner - you can simply select the relevant owner / client within the drop down 'Who owns this property?'

Navigate to the Properties section and click the 'Add Property' button. Give the property a name, assign an image and then assign the relevant owner within the dropdown menu 'Who owns this property?' as displayed below: 

IMPORTANT - Please make sure you add the Owner of the Property profile within the 'Who owns this property?' section.

If you're taking bookings for this property you must ensure that the handler is set up correctly within the property sharing slip. To do this you will need to navigate to the Properties section and select the property you have just added. Within the overview you will see an 'Edit Permissions' button, click this to update the handler as displayed below: 

You will be able to edit the sharing of your clients property and update the handler on where you would like the visits/bookings to be sent to. 

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